We have visited Russia as Japanese Delegation to pay courtesy call on supportive administration officials and to look-see the process of preparation for the 4th World Shito-ryu Karatedo Championship going to be held in 2003. The followings are the report of this visiting.

1.Participants( Representatives from Japan)
Genzo Iwata
General Manager of Techniques

Yukihiro Nozawa
Deputy General Manager of Techniques

Masakazu Nakayama
Director of Secretariat

2.Russian Federation Information Desk
 Senior Counselor, Tetsuo Sato
( President Emeritus of Russian Federation)

 Dubinin Valery
President of Russian Shito-Ryu Karatedo Federation

3.General Description of Championship
1) Championship Schedule (plan)
August 19,2003 (Tue)−24(Sun)
Sightseeing tour after the Championship is planned at one's option.

19(Tue) Seeing, Registration
20(Wed) World Federation Congress, Referee Seminar
21(Thu) Measurement, Consultation, Kata Seminar
22(Fri) Boys & Girls Open Championship
23 (Sat) Preliminary Match
24(Sun) World Championship Decisive Match

2) Championship Venue
Malaya Sports Arena ' Luzhniki (Volley Ball Venue of Moscow Olympic 1980)
Capacity cir. ; 8,000
  Nakayama Director of Secretariat
Nozawa Deputy General Manager of Techniques
Dubinin President of Russian Shito-ryu Karatedo Federation
Sato Chairman Emeritus of Russian Shito-Ryu Karatedo Federation
Stepashin, Financial Audit Chairman of Russia (First-deputy Prime Minister)
Iwata  General Manager of Techniques
Others Russian Shito-ryu Karatedo Federation Top Officials

4. Courtesy Call
Visiting and inviting people below to support the Championship ended up successfully.

1) The Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation (First-deputy Prime Minister), Sergey V. Stepashin.

2) Union of Industrialists and Enterpreneurs of Russia, Arkady I. Volsky (Similar to Japan Federation of Economic Organizations)

3) National Sports Committee First Deputy Minister, and others.


Center/ Volsky Union of Industrialist and Enterpreneurs of Russia