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Mabuni sensei's Beiju (88th birthday) celebration and Tsujikawa sensei's Sotsuju (90th birthday) celebration

Birthday celebrations were held for both the lineage holder Mabuni's Beiju(88th birthday) and Elder Tsujikawa's Sotsuju(90th birthday) on February 12, 2005, at the Mitsui Urban Hotel Osaka Bay Tower.

Lineage holder Mabuni and Elder Tsujikawa trained in Shito-kai Karate under the direct instruction of the founder, Master Mabuni. They are now widely known as the representatives of Shito-kai Karate.
These two elders of Shito-kai have seen the history of Karatedo's development throughout the world with their own eyes. Shito-kai Karate could have never have reached its current state of prosperity without their efforts.
They were both granted a "Person of Merit for Budo" award by the Japanese Budo Association. Mabuni sensei was granted his award in 1984, and Tsujikawa sensei received his in 1985.

A huge event was thus held for the Beiju and Sotsuju celebrations of these two leading figures in Shito-kai.
Hisatomi, the chairman of the event, said the following to the 200 participants in attendance. "Mabuni sensei and Tsujikawa sensei are still active in their dogi. We feel very lucky to be able to receive their direct instruction. We wish for these two treasures of Shito-kai to continue to teach us for many years to come."