I have inaugurated as a president of Wado-kai at the recommendation of persons concerned.
I am keenly aware of the responsibility, and also I would like to appreciate your support and encouragement.

As same as a man, Wado-kai has the history which has started from a former head quarter dojo at Sanko Kensetsu office.
With the great mentor Sensei Hironori Otsuka, Wado-kai has developed among local dojos, university, and high school karate club until today.

I would like to express great respect to successive presidents and all of members of Wado-kai.

Karate is a sport and also one kind of martial arts that everyone can learn anytime anywhere. It has been spread all over the world nowadays, as Wadokai annual championships at Nippon Budokan became an international event.

Let's go together for our future with the motto "Spread karate for world peace."

Lastly, I would like to send my best wishes for Wado-kai and all of Wado friends.

OGURA, Motoi
President of Wado-kai


Born on 28 September, 1931.

1959 Elected to a member of a ward assembly at 27 years old
1973 Elected to a member of Tokyo metropolitan assembly
1989 Chairman of Tokyo metropolitan assembly
1995 Mayor of Shibuya-ku ward
2005- Chairman of the Election Administration Committee, Tokyo