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[July 7th, 2017]

To JKF WADO-KAI overseas branches
Dear Friends,

This is about the partial revision of the WADO-KAI Overseas Regulations

WADO-KAI would like to show their appreciation to all of the non-Japanese WADO-KAI members for their compliance with the WADO-KAI Overseas Regulations, created on July 27th 2002, and thank them for their large contributions to their development.
However, subject to the decision of the JKF WADO-KAI board, we have removed the following items within article 9 of the regulations (Standards for establishing the country headquarters) part 1, "Any country containing more than two branches may establish a country headquarters.".
It will be reported that the abolition of the headquarters was decided by the International Department of the WADO-KAI Group. Accordingly, correspondence regarding the WADO-KAI Headquarters in the future (such as branch registration, member registration, promotion registration, etc.) will now be dealt with directly by the WADO-KAI branch in each country, with the cooperation of JKF WADO-KAI.

We hope to continue the development of Wado Karate around the world with your cooperation.

JKF WADO-KAI Headquarters
Yoshinori Matsui, Chairman
Seiji Kondo, International Director

Wadokai News

It is with great pleasure to announce that The Wadokai All Nations Championshiops 2018 will be held in Leicester, UK on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of August 2018.

Fellow Wadokai members in the whole world are warmly welcomed to join.

Event schedule is as follows:

Friday, 24th August Referee briefing, International meeting
Saturday, 25th August Elimination
Sunday, 26th August Finals
Monday, 27th August Technical seminar
Tuesday, 28th August Dan, Instructor, & Kata judge examinations

Find details

The next edition of this event is planned to be held in Japan, August 2021.

Yoshinori Matsui
JKF Wadokai Headquarters

Wado-Kai New Executives 2017-2018

Event Calendar for 2017 updated

Greetings from President


Our Bank Account for the remittance from overseas has been changed.
The detail is on the page of Table of Fee.

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Mr. Masaru Shintani and his groups acting under the name of Wado-Kai in Canada are never affiliated with JKF Wado-Kai.