1. Purpose

    We hold this competition for the aim of fostering the healthy development of mind and body of young athletes through the Karate-Do and the promotion of mutual friendship and the multiregional, multicultural interaction.

  2. Organizer

    General Incorporated Association All Japan Karatedo KENSEIJUKU Headquarter, Wadokai

  3. Sponsors

    All Japan Karate Do Federation Wadokai Kyushu District Headquarter (Scheduled)
    Dazaifu City Sports Association, Dazaifu City Board of Education (Scheduled)

  4. Schedule

    September 14, 2019 (Saturday)
    13:00 Preparation of competition floor mats by all seminar participants
    14:00 Kumite Technique Seminar (free of charge). It is scheduled to finish at 17:00.
    19:00 Welcome Party at Futsukaichi Hotspring, Daikanso Hotel
    September 15, 2019 (Sunday)
    08:00 Reception
    08:30 Opening Ceremony, Photo Session
    09:30 Starting Individual Kata, then Individual Kumite and Team Kumite
    12:00 Ceremony & Demonstration
    18:00 Scheduled closing time (Schedule) 
  5. Venue

    Dazaifu Gymnasium "Tobiume Arena"
    Adresss:〒818-0135 Fukuoka Prefecture, Dazaifu, Mukaizano, 21-2
    Tel: +81 (0) 92-408-1354

  6. Qualification

    Each single participant of the tournament must have a sport accident insurance.

  7. Competition Categories

    Individual Kumite & Kata
    Preschool (4-6Y) Boys & Girls Mix
    Elementary School (7-12Y) 1st&2nd Grade (7-8Y)Male / 1st&2nd Grade (7-8Y)Female
    3rd&4th Grade (9-10Y)Male / 3rd&4th Grade(9-10Y) Female
    5th&6th Grade (11-12Y)Male / 5th&6th Grade(11-12Y) Female
    Junior High School (13-15Y) Male Open / Female Open
    High School (16-18Y) Male Open / Female Open
    Adult (Above 18Y) Male Color-Belt / Female Color-Belt / Male Open / Female Open
    Team Kumite
    Consists of 3 members: Male / Female
    In the category of preschool, teams may be consisted with free combinations of boys and girls.
    Preschool (4-6Y) (1)Senpo - open  (2)Chuken - open  (3)Taisho - open
    Elementary School (7-12Y) (1)Senpo - 7-8Y  (2)Chuken - 9-10Y  (3)Taisho - 11-12Y
    Junior High School (13-15Y) (1)Senpo - open  (2)Chuken - open  (3)Taisho - open
    High School (16-18Y) (1)Senpo - open  (2)Chuken - open  (3)Taisho - open
    Adult (Above 18Y) (1)Senpo - open  (2)Chuken - open  (3)Taisho - open
  8. Competition Rules

    • The competition follows the rules of Japan Karate-do Federation, however, the organizer, KENSEIJUKU and the referee meeting can adjust the specific details as necessity rises. In addition, the schedule and competition categories may be modified from the original schedule depending on the number of participants. There will be no 10 counts' rule.
    • All competitors must be attended by their coach. All competitors and their coaches must have the name of the Dojo/Organization clearly stitched or emblemed on the left chest side of the Uniform/Gi. Also, competitors must have a number cloth attached on the back of their Uniform/Gi with their Dojo/Organization name and competitor's name indicated on it. Each Dojo must prepare its own placard. Coaches are required to wear an armband.
    • In all Kumite matches, safety equipments must be worn (Face mask/Body protector/Fist supporter). All Junior high school male competitors and all male competitors above junior high school age must wear a protective cup (It is optional for preschool children, and favorable for the 5th and 6th grade male students). Shin-and instep supporters are favorable as in the national and international competition standards.
      • Duration of an Individual Kumite match is defined as 60 seconds (or the first one to score 4 points). A match for the third place (full repechage) will be conducted in prior to the final match.When repechage match and the final match take place on the same tatami court, the repechage match will be conducted in prior to the final.
      • Duration of all Team Kumite matches is defined as 60 seconds (or the first one to score 3 points). In the first and the second rounds, all matches must be played from senpo to taisho matches. From the third round onwards, the first team to win two matches will be the winner. If the number of the winners and points are even, a Taisho match will be played.60 Seconds' match and the first one to score 1 point will win. When there is no Taisho in the team, the team is going to be disqualified and loses the match.
      • Duration of all the Final Individual Kumite and Final Team Kumite matches as well as repechage matches is defined as 90 seconds (Up to junior high school students: first one to score 6 points wins. Above high school students: First one to score 8 points wins).
      • Regarding the challenge system in Kumite: for primary school category, female competitors may challenge in the male category. For junior high school students and elder: A competitor may challenge in the upper category and female competitors may challenge in the male category. In either case, it is not allowed to do the double entry in two different categories.
    • • In a Kata match, a competitor may perform Kihon-katas, Heian-Katas, Pin-an Katas, Gekisai I-II for the elimination rounds, and after the best 8 match, it is allowed to perform his/her Jiyu Kata (free of selection). As for the format of the Kata matches: from the elimination rounds to the final, red and blue competitors perform in parallel on a tatami court. The 5 referee with flags system will be applied.
      When the competitor's name is called, he/she must reply to it (with „Hai“) and walk from the edge of the tatami court(from the inside of the assistant referee side) to the center of the court where the embu start line is marked, without performing a bow. When he/she is on the mark, he/she performs a bow and the red competitor start performing his/her Kata first, after calling out the name of the Kata and the blue competitor follows . The referee is not going to give a signal for the start. After the Kata performance is finished, the both competitors walk back straight to the outside of the tatami court.
      After the judgement, the both competitors face to each other and bow to each other and then the both take a bow to the front before leaving the tatami court.
    • Regarding the points to consider for the team matches and for challenges: In the primary school team matches: Senpo is 1stor 2nd Grade, Chuken is 3rd or 4th Stundents, Taisho is 5th or 6th Grade. It is not allowed to entry in the category which differs from his/her own grade, otherwise the team will be disqualified.
    • Female competitors may challenge in the male category. (However, it is not allowed to do the double entry in two different categories.) For junior high school students and older competitors: it is allowed to challenge in the upper category, under the condition that he/she does not entry in the two different categories. Female competitors may entry in the male category.
  9. Awards

    Individual Kumite & Kata (Male, Female)
    The 1st Place - Certificate of merit, Gold medal
    The 2nd Place - Certificate of merit, Silver medal
    The 3rd Place - Certificate of merit, Bronze medal

    Team Kumite (Male, Female)
    The 1st Place - Certificate of merit, Gold medal
    The 2nd Place - Certificate of merit, Silver medal
    The 3rd Place - Certificate of merit, Bronze medal

    * All winners of the 1st to 3rd place in each category receive additional presents.
    * Full repechage (Third place match will be conducted)
    * There are participation awards for each category.

  10. Application

    1. • lease fill in the attached application form in excel sheet send your it to the following E-mail account. We accept the application only per E-mail.
    2. • Please be noted that your application must arrive no later than Friday, July 12, 2019.

    Application form for Competition & Seminar

    To: Seiji Nishimura

    Seiji Nishimura
    Mobile: +81-90-3415-3169
    Tel & Fax: +81-92-517-0751
    Adress: 3-6-36-1011, Shinshoji, Jyonan-ku, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka, JAPAN, 814-0121
    The records of the past tournaments are listed on the website and on Facebook.

    Please be noted that your application must arrive no later than Friday, July 12, 2019.

  11. Participation Fee & Payment

    For Kumite & Kata Individual - per person per category: 1,500Yen
    For Team Kumite - per team: 3,000Yen
    When enrolling in both Kumite and Kata Individual 3,000Yen
    Welcome Party at Daikanso -per person:
    Venue for the welcome party:
    Daikanso Hotel and Hotspring
    1-12-1 Yumachi Chikushino-shi Fukuoka Japan
    Tel: +81-92-922-3236

    Application form for Competition & Seminar

    Please fill in the application form (a separate excel sheet)

    Please kindly send your payment for the participation fee, advertising fee and welcome party fee to the following bank account by Friday, July 12, 2019

    ** Bank Account for overseas participants and sponsors **
    Name: Seiji Nishimura
    Bank Institute: Seven Bank, Ltd., Iris Branch
    Bank Account: 0034-106-1163819

  12. Parking

    The 276 parking tickets will be allocated to each group/dojo according to its number of participants. Please therefore kindly do the carpooling. Please be noted that there is no parking space around the location. Please use the public transport. Please refrain from the unruly incident with neighbors around the location.

  13. Other

    • Each Dojo is requested to provide with 2 judges for the tournament (with tie on, please). If your Dojo cannot provide with any judge, we request you to provide with two supporters (adults) for court staff.
    • The seats on the second floor are previously assigned and allocated for each Dojo. Please check the seats reservation and please refrain from scrambling for seats.
    • Both competitors and coaches are requested to enter the gymnasium floor with barefoot. Please leave all your shoes and sandals at your seat upstairs. It is not allowed to leave your shoes and sandals at the entrance of the hall for safety reasons.
    • This year, we have a Kendo/Judo hall on the ground floor of the gymnasium, which is open for competitors, coaches and parents.
  14. Seminar

    A Kumite technique seminar will be provided free of charge to all participants of the competition on Saturday, September 14th, 2019 from 13:00. This seminar is the special and unique feature of the yearly competition. The seminar is free of charge, however, all seminar participants are requested to actively participate in the setting of the competition floor mats in prior to the seminar. The names of the trainers for the seminar will be announced later.