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Technical Seminar & Examination for Instructors
and Dan-grading Examinations for Overseas Members


1-1. Dates & Hours:

Sat., February 2nd, 2019, 9:30~17:00 (Reception desk available from 12:30)
Sun., February 3rd, 2019, 9:30~12:00noon (Admittance at 9:00 am, Registration at 9:15)

Sat., February 2nd, 2019, 18:00~20:00 Dan: Examinations only for overseas members (3rd Dan~6th Dan-grading)

Sun., February 3rd, 2019, 13:00~17:00 Instructor Examinations for 1st class~3rd class
N.B. Opening times for examinations are subjected to change according to the number of examinations.

♦Place for Seminar/Examinations:
Toshima-Ku Martial Arts Hall(Health plaza Toshima 8th floor)
2-5-1Kami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-Ku Tokyo
(6-minutes walk from JR/Metro Ikebukuro station)

2. Instructors:

JKF Wado-Ki technical committees.


♦Seminar: Kihon(basics) Kihon-Kumite and Kata.

♦Dan Examination: Available only for overseas members

  1. Kihon: From Jun-Zuki to Tobikomi-Nagashi-Zuki, Keri(kick)to be included.
  2. Kata: 2 Kata in total. On the day of examination, Seishan or Chinto will be
    designated as a required Kata to perform. The other one is optional; free-choice from Wadokai Katas.
  3. Kihon-Kumite: On the day of examination, 2 kihon-Kumite moves, out of all the 10 Kihon-Kumite moves, are to be required for examinees to compulsorily perform.
  4. Jiyu-Kumite: Free sparring

♦Instructor Examination:

  1. Kihon: From Jun-zuki to Tobikomi-Nagashi-Zuki, Keri(kick) to be included.
  2. Kihon-Kumite: Ippon-me(the 1st move)is essential for all the examinees.
    On the examination day, either 5 odd numbered Moves or 5 even numbered Moves are to be required for examinees to compulsorily perform.
  3. Kata: 3 Katas in total. Chinto and Seishan are compulsory to perform.
    The other one is for free-choice from the under named Katas:
    Kushanku, Naihanchi, Bassai, Niseishi, Wanshu, Jitte, Jion, Rohai,
  4. Jiyu- Kumite
4. Fees to be paid:

The following fees are to be paid at the reception desk on the day of seminar/examination:

  1. Technical Seminar fees
    *For 2days(February 2nd and 3rd)10,000Jpy
    *For 1day(February 2nd or 3rd) 5,000Jpy
  2. Dan examination Fees (for overseas members only for this time)
    *3rd~5th Dan Examination 5,000Jpy
    *6th Dan Examination 10,000Jpy
  3. Instructor Examination: Fees
    *1st~3rd Class 5,000Jpy
  4. Registration Fees
    After announcement of the examination results, successful candidates for Dan-grading examination will be required to pay at the reception desk for the proper Registration fees specified on Table1.
    After receipt of the examination results sent by post later on, successful candidates for Instructor Examination: will be required to pay the proper registration fees as designated by the letter.
Table 1. Dan-grade Examination/Registration
to register
Examinee’s Qualification
(Practical Dan-grade)
Fees to register
3rd Dan 2nd Dan holder 10,000Jpy
4th Dan 3rd Dan holder 15,000Jpy
5th Dan 4th Dan holder 25,000Jpy
6th Dan 5th Dan holder
(for 3years or more)
Table 2. Instructor Examination/Registration
Class to register Examinee's Qualification
(Practical Dan-grade)
Fees to Register
3rd class 3rd Dan or higher(Aged 25or Elder) 10,000Jpy
2nd class 4th Dan or higher(Aged30 or Elder) 10,000Jpy
1st class 6th Dan or higher(Aged45 or Elder) 20,000Jpy

*From 2011, candidates for 1st class Instructors are required to hold 2nd class Instructor license before taking the desired higher-class examination.
*From 2014, candidates for 2nd class Instructors will be required to hold 3rd class Instructor license before taking the desired higher-class examination.


Applicants are required to fill up the attached application form, and to send the completed one to the JKF Wado-Kai Headquarters in Tokyo.

*Application should be sent to:
JKF Wado-Kai Headquarters Uematsu Bldg. 7F,
1-9-2, Nishishimbashi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 105-0003, Japan

*Deadline: Friday, January 18, 2019 completed application forms must arrive at the Wado-Kai Headquarters not later than the above specified date.

Document: Technical Seminar & Examination for Instructors and Dan-grading Examinations (MS Word file)

Application form: Dan Grade/ Instructor Examination (MS Word file)

N.B. Regardless of qualifications or Dan-grade held in possession, any Wado-Kai members who are interested in the Technical Seminar for Instructors, or who aspire to become instructors, are welcome to join the Seminar.

Hideho Takagi sensei, the chairman of the Wado-kai Technical Committee, passed away on August 14th, 2018.

Hideho Takagi sensei, who served as Chairman of Wado-kai Technical Headquarters and Wado-kai Technical Committee, passed away on August 14th at the age of 76. We respectfully pray that his soul may rest in peace.

〈Recognized by Wadoryu founder Hironori Otsuka sensei in his college days〉

Takagi sensei was born in Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi Province in China, in 1942.

His early childhood was spent in China. After the end of World War II in 1945, as his father was an army surgeon, it appears he spent time in an internment camp.

When he was a 4th grade student in elementary school, his family returned to Japan, with his father staying in China.

Takagi sensei began studying karate in earnest after he enrolled in dental college in Japan. Studying under Tomihide Arimoto sensei, he also received guidance, and was recognized by, Wadoryu founder Hironori Otsuka sensei. He visited various locations with Otsuka sensei, acting as his partner in demonstrations.

Takagi sensei was invited to coach not only in Japan, but overseas as well.

Students of Takagi sensei from all over the world attended his funeral, and even more emails expressing condolences were received as well.

〈Continuing to teach while attached to an IV〉

Takagi sensei's health deteriorated two and a half years ago. Even after this, he continued to come and instruct at Wado-kai technical seminars held at various locations, while still being hospitalized and attached to an IV drip 7 days of the month.

He taught strictly in the hope that Wado techniques would be inherited correctly, particularly by 1st Grade instructors. Takagi sensei would always say that "the person who has learned something has a duty to hand it down properly".

He would also talk of his memories with Wadoryu founder Hironori Otsuka sensei in classes. Takagi sensei endeavored throughout his life in order to pass on the techniques and spirit of Wado. Here we will refer to the words that Takagi sensei left behind.

〈Words from Takagi sensei〉

"It was said by Otsuka sensei that 'learning carries a duty to pass on what you have learned'. Wado contains many of Otsuka sensei's ideas. This idea is not understood just by hearing it. I would like for it to be understood through training."

"Otsuka sensei's final words were Keep a hungry spirit, anytime'. For example, if you failed Dan examination time and time again, do you give up or still believe I can do this thing that other people can do'? Being able to carry on because it isn't easy, because it's difficult. This sort of thing is what we call culture."

"I would like us not only to conserve Wado, but to develop with the intention of advancing it further. Please work hard so that Wado is even better in future."

#Hideho Takagi sensei (Dan / Title)

· 8th Dan, Wadokai
· 8th Dan and Hanshi, Japan Karatedo Federation
· Chairman, Wadokai Technical Committee
· 1st grade qualified examiner, Japan Karatedo Federation
· Saiko-Shihan, Guseikai Takagi Dojo
· Instructor, Budo Gakuen (Budo School), Nippon Budokan
· President, Toshima-ward Karatedo Federation

Dan Examination & Technical Seminar in China 2018

Date: Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th November 2018
Place: Guangzhou city, Guangdong, China

Dan Examination: 1st Dan to 3rd Dan

For details:
TEL: 86-18011776367
Person in charge: Eiji Kishimoto

[July 7th, 2017]

To JKF WADO-KAI overseas branches
Dear Friends,

This is about the partial revision of the WADO-KAI Overseas Regulations

WADO-KAI would like to show their appreciation to all of the non-Japanese WADO-KAI members for their compliance with the WADO-KAI Overseas Regulations, created on July 27th 2002, and thank them for their large contributions to their development.
However, subject to the decision of the JKF WADO-KAI board, we have removed the following items within article 9 of the regulations (Standards for establishing the country headquarters) part 1, "Any country containing more than two branches may establish a country headquarters.".
It will be reported that the abolition of the headquarters was decided by the International Department of the WADO-KAI Group. Accordingly, correspondence regarding the WADO-KAI Headquarters in the future (such as branch registration, member registration, promotion registration, etc.) will now be dealt with directly by the WADO-KAI branch in each country, with the cooperation of JKF WADO-KAI.

We hope to continue the development of Wado Karate around the world with your cooperation.

JKF WADO-KAI Headquarters
Yoshinori Matsui, Chairman
Seiji Kondo, International Director

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